Way2Sms Login Online Messaging App

Way2Sms Login Online Messaging App


Way2sms is an Indian SMS cross-platform technology where netizens get to send messages from pc to mobile for free. Launched in December 2006 the platform has gained a cult following, boasting over 40 million users and over 10 billion messages sent through its platform until today. According to India zeitgeist of 2010, way2sms was ranked at number 8 as the most searched keyword, putting it next to iconic platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Currently, it is estimated that there are over 40 million registered users and over 25000 people are joining way2sms each day, thereby making it a revolutionary app. Below we will delve into details and explain how to register and use this iconic app.

Way2SMS Login

Group SMS
Over the years way2sms has evolved to accommodate a holistic number of features. Among the available features is group SMS. Under this feature, organizations and individuals can send messages to a large number of people.  Though this feature is self-explanatory, there are several requirements you have to meet before sending a group SMS. The first requirement is that you are not allowed to send a message between 9 PM to 9AM, and you cannot send a message to a ‘do not disturb’ contact. This is in line with TRAI’S regulations. Additionally, the usual restriction on the number of characters you can use will also apply to this feature
Sms Greetings
In case your friend is having a birthday party and don’t know what to text, worry no more, under this category you can find a myriad of messages ranging from birthday messages to jokes. If you wish to send any message, you will forward it to your loved one.

Way2SMS Features

Sent SMS
Just like other cellular networks, way2sms also gives a sent SMS feature where you can view all your sent messages. It doesn’t add too much value, though it can come in handy when you want to check your previously sent messages.
Language SMS

With over 2000 different ethnic groups, India is undoubtedly a hub of different cultures. But with all these issues, lies many different languages. In a bid to capture every ounce of the population, way2sms has launched a feature that lets you send SMS in 4 different languages. They are

  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Urdu
Send SMS
Launched in December 2006, way2sms primary feature was to send message freely among netizens. Currently, they have introduced cool features such as template messages where you can click on it and press submit. It is noteworthy that you are only limited to 140 characters, so if you wish to send a longer message, you will have to split it into 140 character messages and submit it.
Send Unlimited Free SMS
With over 40 million registered users, way2sms boasts sending 90 percent of their SMS in less than 10 seconds. Unlike other network operators who charge exorbitantly to send messages from one network to another, way2sms allows users to send messages to all networks for free. The catch though is that you will need to have internet access
100% Success Rate
One cool feature that endears over 40 million users to this website is the fact that it has a 100 percent success rate on its messages, over 90 % of them being delivered within the first 10 seconds.
Support Schedule SMS
Another cool feature that will surely blow your mind is the future SMS scheduling. With this feature, you can schedule to send a message at a specific time and date
Support up to 100 country
Being a revolutionary app developed in 2006, Way2sms has grown to capture a large chunk of users. Currently, it supports 130 nations with India having the most substantial number of users.
Support WEB Application
Way2sms comes up with different web applications. Most users prefer using its extension in Google chrome though you can also use it in Firefox. This reduces the time required for one to access its website. Nonetheless, you can also Google its official website and log in to your account from there
Support Bulk SMS
With the advance of the internet, most organizations and companies market their products through advertising through their platform. Currently, many institutions prefer to send bulk messages to their clients through way2sms. According to their audit, they have a 100 percent success rate of having all their messages being delivered.

How to Register Way2SMS

Like most chat service platforms, way2sms requires all users to first register before using it. Below is a step by step process on how you can register.

Step 1 launch your favorite browser.

Step 2 under the search box, type www.way2sms.com and hit enter

Step 3 once on their official website; locate a search box indicated register here

Step 4 once you have found the ‘register here’ button, hit enter and wait for it to load

Step 5 once the page has finished loading, you will see check several boxes that you should fill in your details. It is essential to note that your mobile number will be your login ID, so fill in your details as truthfully as you can.

Step 6 after filling your details, you will be prompted to verify you are human and not a robot. So you will be asked to type a code that you will view it on the screen.

Step 7 once you are through tap the verify and register button. Once you have clicked that option, you will get a six-digit password on the mobile number you registered with.

Step 8, unlike other websites where you have logged in automatically, way2sms will require you to log in again with your details. So you will type your password, and your mobile number as your username id and press verify and log in.

Step 9 once logged in you will find a user-friendly interface that will allow you to send messages to any person in your address book

How to use Way2SMS

As mentioned, over the years way2sms has gradually evolved from just sending messages to being more of a chat website. Below we will show you a step by step process of how to use way2sms.

Step 1 if you wish to send a message, login to their website and navigate to the option indicated ‘send SMS’ which is at the top of the site. Click on that option.

Step 2 after clicking that option, a page will appear where you will see a box indicated mobile number and another stated message body. So you will type in the mobile number you wish to send your message to and under the box indicated message body, you will type your message. It is worthy to note that your message should be less than 140 characters.

Step 3 when sending a message in a different language, you will need to type your message in English, then select which language you wish to send using. Afterward, you will type the mobile number for your recipient and press enter.

Step 4 when using the group SMS feature, you will have to save all your recipients in your address book, then type your message. On the box indicated mobile number you will have to select all your recipients then tap send.

Step 4 if you need to confirm the particulars of your previous messages, you can navigate to sent messages and scroll through to the message you wish to check details for.

Step 5 when adding contacts to your address book you will need to locate the menu option. Once you have found it, tap on it and then select address book then tap on create contact and fill in the number and name, once finished click save.

Way2SMS App

Without mentioning other registered users in other countries, India has a population of over 1.3 billion people and with that comes eager customers. As of September of 2017, there were over 500 million smartphone users in India. With this number growing daily, most companies seek to capture these eager customers through the development of apps and way2sms is no different.  Way2sms has provided a user-friendly app for both Android and IOS devices. This has dramatically reduced the burden for most netizens who can’t afford a laptop or desktop. With the app users can register and login to their accounts without the hassle and bustle of having to borrow a computer. You can get their Android app on Google play store while for IOS devices you can get it on iTunes.

Way2SMS for Android

Among the 500 million users who use smartphones in India, over 82 % of that number use android devices. That is a significant market share for any revolutionary company to ignore. With that, users can download their Android app from either Google play store or their website and log in to their account.

Way2SMS for Web App

When accessing your account, the web app platform provides easy access to your account while allowing you to experience their wonderful features. You can download an extension for your favorite website. With this, you will no longer need to keep logging in so that you can access your account.

Way2SMS for IOS

It is estimated that over 2 percent of the 500 million smartphone users use IOS devices, and as much as the number may seem small it is still a vast number to consider. You can find the way2sms app on iTunes.


Way2sms is a cross-platform website that allows users to send messages for free. With an estimated 40 million users, way2sms boasts fast SMS delivery with 90 percent of them being delivered within 10 seconds. Additionally, users get to enjoy other perks while using this platform.

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For bulk SMS organizations and individuals can send messages to many recipients. With a comprehensive FAQ, users rarely have trouble while sending messages, and this is because almost every issue is mentioned and answered.

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Way2sms is a revolutionary message platform that has simplified texting message. Coming at number 8 as the most searched keyword in India, it has transformed from a regular send and receive the message to a company that offers a holistic number of services. Among the services provided by way2sms include group SMS, bulk SMS, Greetings SMS, address book and sending messages for free across all networks. It is noteworthy that it has a 100 percent success rate on all their messages with over 90% being received within the first 10 seconds. Unlike other network companies, it doesn’t charge to send messages or even use their bulk SMS platform. Currently, it is estimated that it has over 40 million users, with over 25000 new users registering each day. One of the features that endear users to this app is that you get to send group messages for free. Moreover, while using way2sms address book feature and you are in need of a friend’s contact, you can email them and request them to give you their numbers.