Birthday wishes for lover

Everybody has a date of birth. We used to wish our favorite persons on this day. People are also very fond of being wished by their known persons. And the lovers always expect that his or her lover will wish in a different way than any other. But sometimes we search for the Birthday wishes for the lover to get a better idea than we have. If that happens to you, you’re in the right place to get Birthday wishes for the lover.

Once again when it’s that time of the year. Your dear lover’s birthday is just days away and you already wonder what to wish him or her. You want it to be something unique, special and memorable, not like the slushy regular chitchat you have all the other days of the year. If your premade welcoming cards simply don’t seem fit for the occasion, let us help you find the perfect wish for your boyfriend. We have a huge collection of wishing message for your lover. Take a pick from the list below and don’t hesitate to modify it as you wish. But the quality messages we have here you will obviously like. Hopefully, you will get your desired Birthday message for your lover here.

Life is nothing without LOVE,
Love is emotion & Kiss is practical,
don’t get emotional, just be practical
So STOP loving and START Kissing.


Boyfriend gives her girlfriend a rocket.

Gf: What the hell I will do with this rocket?

Bf: You want the stars, right?

Gf: hmm?

Bf: Now sit on the rocket and go to the stars.

Ha ha ha..


Boy1: Meet my girlfriend.

Boy2: I know her.

Boy1: How?

Boy2: We have been caught sleeping together?

Boy1: What the hell?

Boy2: In the classroom man, ha ha ha

Think positive.


Baby, I cant tolerate you anymore,

I cant take the pressure anymore.

I dont want to stay your boyfriend anymore,

Because I want to marry you.

Will you marry me?


When a baby cries beside you,

Could you please put your crying baby on vibrate…?


If you listen real closely to my kids arguing tonight, you’ll hear the sound of me pouring a glass of wine.


I touched a flower…
Flower said, “I love you.”
I touched a bird..
Bird said, “I like you”
when I touched you…
You said…”HumBaAaAaAa”


Fish is good in water…
Bird is good in tree..
Man is good in society..
phone is good in hand
of monkey..So where is
your phone???


Every moment

I spent with you…

Is like a beautiful

Dream come true



My eyes miss you

My hands need you

My mind call you

My heart for you

I’ll die without you

Because I love you…..



I’m a strong person

But every now and

Then I also need

Someone to take my

Hand and say

Everything will be alright….



If you have love,

You don’t need to have anything else,

And if you don’t have it,

Doesn’t matter how much what else you have.



Touch my heart and you’ll feel

Listen to my heart and you’ll hear,

Look into my heart and you’ll see,

That you’ll always be a special part of me….



You call it jealousy…

I call it fear

Of losing you….

Because I love you


Only you’re the person

Who could feel my world

With love and happiness.

I love you….


I love you more than

Anything else in the world

And I’ll give anything to

Be with you, now and forever…



You’re the first and

The only person to

Touch my heart with your

Passionate and never-ending love.

I love you…..



Beautiful Words Every Girl
Wants to Hear From Her Man
You’re So Beautiful And
Pretty, And Your Smile Is
Like A Shining Star,
You Don’t Have To Change
For Me, Because I Will Love
You The Way You Are..!!



I Love U
Time Will Not Change This
As I Know It Will Not
Change Ur Love For Me.
I Can Not Ask For Anything
More Than Ur Love Because
I Never Thought I Would Ever
Receive As Much As I Have
With U Be My Big Love.



I Love You More
Than All The Stars In The Sky.
I Love You More
As Each Moment Passes Us By.
I Love You More
With Every Breath I Take.
I Love You More
With Each Promise We Make



When I See You, I Freeze.
When I Hear You, I Hush And
When I Smell You, I Breathe.
Because You Are The Light Of
My Eyes, the Voice Of My Mind
And The Oxygen Of My Heart.



So Many Ways To Say
“I Love U”
But, Not Enough Words
In The
World To Say How Much..!




Eyes To Look At you
Hands To Pray For you
Mind To Care For you
Heart To Love you..


Till The End Of Time..
In A World So Close To Me..

I’m Just So In Love..

With A Girl Who’s
In My Heart..

I Love you…..



When U Are In Love, U
Can’t See Reasons, U Are
Simply Blinded..

And, That’s Exactly I Am Right Now..

Because, Even If you
Don’t Love Me, I Still
Love you Endlessly..!



The Leaves May Forget The Tree..
The Flowers May Forget The Bee..
Even U May Forget Me..
I Will Never Forget you..
you’re Very Special To Me..!



True love is,

When the boy asks for a kiss,

And the girl allows for it,

And the boy kisses on her forehead and say,

“I’ve the whole life to do that”



My Day Starts With your Name
And My Day Stops With your Name.
I Can’t Hold My Self Just
Thinking About you That How
Much I Love You,

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