Romantic Happy Birthday SMS / Message

2018 Top 20 Romantic Happy Birthday SMS / Message


May your special day be filled with lots of

happy moments and nice flowers,

Good friends and enjoyable moments!

 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Baby……


On this special day..!!

praying to Allah…

May the almighty give u more & more success

in every field of life

And receive the bundle of love from me…

 Happy birthday, Baby……



May your birthday and every day

 be filled with the sunshine,

the happiness of smiles, the sounds of the laugh,

the feeling of love and the sharing of us…

Happy Birthday, dear…..



The best way to enjoy your Birthday each year
is to keep you loving more…
And staying beside you

Happy Birthday, Dear……



On your special day

 I wish you to pick some flowers,

Sit by me, have some tea,

and spend your time leisurely…
Happy birthday, baby….



Years may fly,
tears may dry
But my love for u
will never die…

Happy Birthday My Love….



Simple music can make ring..
simple breeze can make u feel…
The simple face can make u happy..
Hope that my simple loving wish will make u lovely…..

Happy Birthday….



A gift of love for u..

 it can’t be bought or sold,

can’t be measured in silver or gold.

 It is a birthday wish from my heart…

Happy birthday dear



As you look back on yesterday,

may your memories smile
As you celebrate today,

may your heart be filled with joy!

As you look ahead to tomorrow,

may your hopes and dreams come true

Happy Birthday….


SMS 10

I may not be able to tell you every second

That how much I love you.

But my every heartbeat tells me silently,

That I Love you, I Love you….

Happy Birthday, Dear……


SMS 11

Life is for living, I live for you.

Love is forgiving, I give mine to you.

Cares are for caring, I care about you.

The heart is for beating, my heart beats for you.

SMS 12

Living with you

Is a present itself.

You’re simply very special.

I love you so much, baby.

Happy Birthday……


SMS 13

Your love, your care,

Your touch, your kiss,

Your tone, your every word,

That makes me crushed

 again  and again on you

I want to stay beside you always …

Happy Birthday, Dear…..


SMS 14

I don’t know

How to wish you on your birthday.

But I know

How to express love for you

On this day.

Happy Birthday My Heart…..


SMS 15

I never thought that

I’d love anything more than chocolate.

But when I loved you,

I forgot what chocolate is….

Happy Birthday My Love….


SMS 16

My words are unable

To express my love.

But our memories will say

How much I love you.

Wishing you the best…

Happy Birthday, Sweet Heart….


SMS 17

If I start to express my love

That how many times I want to love you

Any time the digits will end.

Because I want to love you infinity times.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday………


SMS 18

Do you believe in miracle?

Obviously, you do because I found you.

Happy Birthday to

The best girl in the world.

Happy Birthday, Dear….


SMS 19

I have no gold ring for you,

I have no diamond ring for you,

But I have love for you for

Every time, every moment…

Happy Birthday, baby…..

SMS 20

My life started to shine,

When you came in my life.

I promise I’ll fill your life,

With my best love dear.

On this special day,

Wishing you a very

Happy Birthday……

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