Top 20 Valentines Day Romantic SMS

Valentine’s Day is a public holiday which happens on 14th February. It’s the time for the lovers to express their love for each other. People can do that by giving flowers, chocolates, gift cards, or various gifts etc. Giving short notes which express love is called Valentine. People call their lover by a different name to express love.

Valentine’s day is a day full of romance, good times, meeting with the lover and many more. Every year when the valentine’s day comes, peoples especially the lovers get excited thinking about the day, and starts to count how far the day is!

Valentine’s day doesn’t mean that everybody should have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Feeling someone from your heart would be anyone. It would be your father, mother or your brother, sister or someone else. But there aren’t any rules that you should have a lover. Generally, we get our parents by our side at every time, we can share everything with them, and they’d be the best friends of us. So, in this case, our parents deserve love from us. We can gift something to our parents that would make them happy.

Sometimes our elder brother or elder sister takes care of us most. Whenever we request him or her for something, he or she provides us. Whenever we don’t understand the lessons, we go to them and get understood.  So, they’re actually helping us in different ways, and be a teacher for us too. In this case, the elder brother or elder sister deserves love from us.

We would have a young brother or young sister who deserves love from the elders. They used to be very cute, innocent, and calm. They used to get gifts, toys, chocolates etc. You should feel an extra attraction or love for them. And you will also try to make them happy by giving something they like.

So, Valentine ’s day doesn’t express that you must have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You obviously can feel love for your favorite person. So you should make him or her happy on this day!

Top 20 Valentines Day Romantic SMS

Top 20 Valentines Day Romantic SMS


So far, all the moments we’ve spent together

has been awesome.

But I promise you that

the best one is about to come.

I love you.


Love has no boundaries.

But I have created

A boundary of love

In your heart.

So that no one else can get inside,

I love you…


My love for you is 100% true.

That if you tell me,

I will jump on the clouds,

Climb on the rainbows…..


I asked for a rose,

I got a rose garden.

I asked for a water drop,

I got the sea.

I asked for some love,

I got you instead…..


Like a diamond,

True love is hard to find.

But when I searched for it,

I got you…….


You have brought

A lot of changes to my life.

You taught me to be different.

It’s my duty to hold you

For whole life.


God has created you

To love me.

He separated you from the rest,

Because he knows that

I’d love you the best.


I wrote your name on sand,

It washed away.

I wrote your name on the sky,

It blew away.

Then I wrote your name on  my heart,

It will stay forever……


Thinking about you

Is just like breathing…..

If  I stop,

I will die.


Thinking about you

Is just like breathing…..

If  I stop,

I will die.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

You’re mine, and

I’m only yours….


Love is not that

How much you say

I love you.

It’s all about

How much you can express…


Before I met you

I never knew

what it was like.

After I met you,

I smile without any reason

when I see you.


We may not say it as

Often as we used to,

But I just wanted

You to know that

I Love You.


I got many ways to say

I love you.

But I got a few ways

To express how much.


I saw that you’re perfect,

That’s why I loved you.

But when I saw you aren’t

I started to love you more..


If I got two options

To love you or breath,

I would select breath

For saying I love you…..


Do you know

How much I love you?

I love you more

Than yesterday, but

Not more than tomorrow…..


Baby, if you ask me

To express that

How much I love you,

Then I will run

Out of my memory…….


I don’t care if

I fall from the mountain

I don’t care if

I fall from the tree.

But I’m happy that

I fall in your love.


If someone asks me

To describe what is love,

I’ll describe you,

Because my love means you, baby….



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